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Welcome to the Musée Nivernais de l’Education

matériel ancien

This museum is the fruit of a collective work dating back from more than 30 years, made by some passionate people willing to protect our education inheritance.

Set up 8 rue du cloître Saint Cyr in the ex-school « école de la Maîtrise » in Nevers, along the tourist circuit of the old town, the Musée Nivernais de l’Education is managed by the Association des Amis du Musée Nivernais de l'Éducation (A.M.N.E). (AMNE - the Club of the Friends of the Education Museum of Nièvre administrative division). Every year since 1988, this association have published the "Cahiers Nivernais d'Histoire de l'Éducation" . This association often organize temporary exhibitions and lead an education service made at schools and high schools’ disposal.

Musée Nivernais de l'Éducation,
  8, rue du cloître Saint Cyr  58000 NEVERS

 Opening hours :
School period :  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from 2 p.m to 5 p.m 
In July and August : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, from 3 to 6 p.m
For any other information or visits in groups, call
or have an appointment at the :
Prices :
Adults :  3  €   --  Groups :  2  €    --   Children :  1  €

Specific collections :

A library (15,000 books – most of them are old school books)...


...A class room remade (1900’s/1920’s), 

...and an educational film archive of 1,200 films 16 mm


Old and educational material in different fields .

Reprography, projection and sound devices.

A collection of  class photo

A temporary exhibition

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Translation : Fatima Jabbane